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Times are Tough!

Welcome to "Pet Tales: Friday Edition" Times are tough, inflation is high, the staples of gas and food are through the roof. All of this affects all of us.

Sammie's Friends (that means all of you) have been providing care for the many animals we see every year. We do not get the pampered pets of the planet. We mostly intake the neglected, abandoned and abused. As veterinary costs continue to escalate we have a harder time keeping up. THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP FROM THOSE WHO CAN HELP. As I write this I'm arguing with myself: "Don't sound too desperate it will scare people." The other side of my mind says: " Sammie's Friends is desperate and how do you expect to get help if you don't let anyone know?"

EVERY FRIDAY, WE WILL HAVE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, AN ANIMAL WHO WE HAVE HELPED OR THAT NEEDS OUR HELP. Although we can't feature every animal we/you help, we can feature a few that exemplify where your money goes when you donate. We want to be transparent and share with you the good feeling that comes from helping an animal back to wellness and ultimately a new loving home. We hope and pray we get through this tough time without letting the animals down. That just cannot happen. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN AND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. If you are barely keeping afloat yourself send your love and prayers. That helps too. Love, good will and donations keep our hope alive and save the lives of animals. 35,000 animals in the past 22 years have been saved because everyone in this community pulls together.

This Friday's featured animal is Mather. With everyone; the veterinarians and their staff, the Sammie's Friends volunteers and staff, and all of you, with your generosity, this little dog got the surgery he needed. When we work together anything is possible. What started out to be about a $10,000 surgery ended up being about $3,000. We have total love in our hearts for all those who helped Mather.

Here's how you all helped our little buddy Mather.

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