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All donations to Sammie's Friends go to the direct support of animals at the Nevada County Animal Shelter and community animals who have no other way to receive veterinary care.





Care of this type has reduced the euthanasia rate since most of these animals become adoptable. (Most people do not want to adopt an animal if they are immediately faced with a large vet bill.)  In 1998, the euthanasia rate at the shelter was almost 70%. At the end of 2007, the rate was down to 3%, which held steady through 2009.  Since Sammie’s Friends assumed management of the Shelter in 2010, the euthanasia rate has decreased further to less than 1% and has stayed at that level.  One of the three major reasons for this huge reduction in euthanasia is the medical care provided by funds from Sammie's Friends. The other major reasons are the Shelter's Volunteer Program and Social Media like Facebook.


Donate Online

To donate online, simply follow the prompts in the box below.  You can select to donate one-time, monthly or annually.  If you would like to donate in honor of another person, click the box "Make this donation in someone's honor or memory."  Follow the prompts and a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the person designated.  

More Ways to Donate

Mail Checks/Money Orders to:

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