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Shelly B.jpg

Shelly B.

July 2018

Thank you Sammie's for not giving up on this little lady! Koda has been such a blessing in our lives! Beverly Ward especially, you are amazing with all of your all your guidance and support. Sammie's staff are committed to these animals that they will survive! Blessings to Lauren Claire Hayes on our truly have a gift! Koda is amazing, she is pretty much a turn key dog!!

Sandra R.jpg

Sandra R.

May 2019

I've adopted two wonderdul dogs from Sammie's Friends. The staff is amazing, the animals kennels were nice and clean, and you can feel the love the staff and volunteers have for the aninals that are being housed there at any given moment. If I ever decide to get another pet, I'll be looking into Sammie's as one of my first options. This little fellow is Clyde, recently adopted from Sammie's. We love him and couldn't be happier.

Anastasia B. (Cisco Jan. 2019).jpg

Anastasia B.

January 2019

We adopted Cisco & everything about the adoption was great. We actually drove from Sparks, NV to see a totally different dog. He stole our hearts & we couldn’t wait to get him home. This place is wonderful. The staff was super helpful & a pleasure to be around. The trainer spent a good amount of time with us & really went above & beyond. Hopefully it’ll be a long time, but we would go back to get our next fur baby for sure.

Katherine K.jpg

Katherine K.

April 2018

Searched a few different shelters and found our best friend, "Airborne." Though after we adopted him we changed his name to Sampson. He's the best!!! You guys are amazing and thank you for all that you do for all the animals.

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