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Surviving in a culvert pipe

"Pet Tales: Friday Edition"

Lambo was brought in to Sammie's Friends by some "Good Samaritans" after their dog located the wounded cat in a culvert pipe while they were out for a walk. It was clear that Lambo had some significant infected wounds and needed some medical attention. Our best guess is that Lambo was attacked by an animal and was able to escape leaving his hind quarters a wounded mess. We took the kitty to the Veterinarian immediately where his injuries were cleaned, dead and dying tissue removed and he got "stitched up" as well as neutered. We've been monitoring his wounds for more loss of tissue, Lambo has been back to the vet a second time for debridement and may require another surgery.

This young cat is friendly, sweet and appeared to be well cared for prior to his injury. If you know this kitty please contact Sammie's Friends at 530-274-1955.

If you are interested in donating to the care of Lambo or any other Sammie's Friends animals please Text SAMMIE to 41444 or choose the donate button below.

As always your generosity and care is appreciated.

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