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Puppies, puppies and more puppies!

"Pet Tales: Friday Edition"! We thank all of our wonderful donors who give to Sammie's Friends. It occurs to us that you may not know how your donations "go to work" and help the pets here at Sammie's Friends Shelter. Typically veterinary visits, medications, special care items. Here's this week's peek into how you help!

Peez came in as a stray. She was pregnant when she arrived at the shelter 🙁. When we have a dog with us that's pregnant we need to find her a foster home so she can whelp safely in a home. For Peez or any momma dog there might be additional vet visits involved, hopefully there are no complications, on occasion specialty foods or supplements are needed. Once the pups arrive there are, in this case, 4 more mouths to feed, 4 more sets of vaccines, microchips and spays and neuters.

As luck would have it, Cilantro came to us pregnant at the same time which meant 6 more puppies, a few days after Peez's pups arrived. 6 more mouths to feed, 6 more sets of vaccines, 6 more spays and neuters, - well, you get the idea.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we have received 4 additional litters of puppies in the last month alone!!!!

It can feel overwhelming at times but with the love and support from our dear community we make it thru!

If you'd like to support Sammie's Friends with a donation please hit the donate button below.

As always, it takes a village and we sure do appreciate ours!

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