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Molly Olly OxenFree!

Here we go! It's Friday . That means a new story reflecting how your donations help the pets of Nevada County. It's "Pet Tales: Friday Edition"!

A "tale" of a small, white kitty named Molly Olly OxenFree. Molly came to us as a stray. She was in pretty rough shape. We took her straight away to the Vet. who determined she had an abscess in her throat (ouch) and polyps in her ear (again, ouch).

She was treated for both conditions however her ear polyps were determined to be cancerous therefore the best solution was to have her whole ear canal removed. She is now deaf in one ear. That doesn't stop this feisty, little senior gal. She's quite "chirpy" (kind of sounds like a bird), loves to sit in the sun and cuddle up on your lap. She'd love a nice quiet home where she can lounge away her days. She's a bit independent and laid back, doesn't require much (although she love a nice fishy kitty treat). This little senior is a total sweetheart! Life is better with a pet by your side. Might Molly be your sidekick?

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