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Jim Jam

Welcome to "Pet Tales: Friday Edition". The purpose of this weekly post is to share some of the good that happens as the result of your donations.

Jim Jam is a loving boy kitty who came to Sammie's severely injured. He had open wounds on his legs, belly and neck. Of course, we took him to the vet. right away. The Dr. suspected Jim Jam had been stuck under the hood of a car and fell victim to the fan blades. Almost 100 days later and more vet visits we're finding out this isn't the case. Although 'Jam has an affectionate, loving demeanor, he does inflict injuries upon himself. He licks any part of his body he can reach, absolutely raw. He has been in a cone for the better part of 80 days. Dr.s have ruled out many potential issues, but can't quite pinpoint what would cause this behavior.

Still, through all of this, 'Jam remains the warm-hearted kitty we have today. His "condition" has never stopped him from wanting to get (and give) as much affection as possible! He loves to snuggle and be pet. Despite his injuries, he has always remained a sweet and perky (and quirky) kitty.

Jim Jam is permanently in a cone and on medications to calm the behavior.

If you would like to donate to the ongoing care of JimJam or any of the many other pets in our care please visit or text SAMMIE to 41444

It takes a village and we appreciate ours.

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