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A Little Ol' Lady Named Cha Cha

Well, another week has passed us by, therefore another chance is here for us to thank you for your donations and share with you how your donated funds help the pets of Sammie's Friends and the animals of Nevada County.

"Pet Tales: Friday Edition"

Cha Cha came to us as a stray and no once came forward to claim her. She arrived with a multitude of issues - bad teeth, a Cherry Eye, a mass that needed to be removed and she was not yet spayed. That's a lot for a senior gal. Luckily for Cha Cha she was placed with a loving Foster Mom who has doted on her until Cha Cha could get into the vet for her dental and surgery.

It's your donations that make this kind of care possible. We couldn't bare not being able to help this old girl continue out her years in good health. So, we thank you and Cha Cha thanks you. Your donations are always appreciated.

Text SAMMIE to 41444 or click the button below to donate to the medical care of our animals.

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