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A Freezing Cat Named Rocket

"Pet Tales: Friday Edition"

Another week has passed us by and medical needs at Sammie's Friends seemingly never cease. This week's edition is about a lovely kitty named Rocket.

Rocket was brought to us by a very nice "Good Samaritan" after he found the cat on his porch with actual icicles hanging off the cat's face. After trying to warm up the feline the finder noticed that Rocket's feet were black with what was thought to be frostbite. The kitty was brought to the shelter and we immediately took him to the vet.

The vet removed a very tight collar that had a rope attached to it and treated Rocket for his high fever. The following day the cat was evaluated, the vet determining that Rocket's feet were likely burned, as if he'd been dragged, all of his toes had been traumatically amputated. In addition to the care of his injured feet this poor kitty required debridement of dead tissue, sutures on his legs and care to trauma in the scrotal area.

Rockets recovery will be lengthy and he will likely have a "wobbly walk" for his lifetime which should be long as he seems to be only about three years old.

Even with all he's been through Rocket is an adoring cat, just the sweetest boy who loves to be cuddled, snuggled and is a great lap cat.

If you'd like to donate to Rocket's care please hit the donate button below, or text SAMMIE to 41444.

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