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About Us

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Sammie’s Friends Vision

A safe and caring place for neglected, abandoned, and abused animals to be cared for and rehabilitated, when necessary, and adopted as quickly as possible into loving homes.  


Sammie’s Friends Organizational Values


- Commitment for doing the best things for the animals

- Sound fiscal policy

- Commitment to excellence in everything we do

- Respect for all animals, volunteers, staff, and the public

- A high value placed on safety for the animals, volunteers, staff and the public

- Open and honest communication, focused on mutual problem solving and follow-up

- An open collaborative management style

- Strong commitment to teamwork

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Sammie's Friends Mission

The mission of Sammie's Friends is to provide medical care for the animals at the Nevada County Animal Shelter, making them adoptable, and to support other disadvantaged animals in Nevada County that without help would otherwise be euthanized to end their suffering.

We accept donations to pay for medical care for the animals.  Many times the animals have conditions which keeps them from being adopted, yet the condition is not considered an emergency because it is not life-threatening (i.e. demodectic mange, broken legs and hips, amputation of legs, respiratory infections, foxtails in the ear and nose, and many more conditions).  If these medical issues are not cared for, no one will adopt them because of the condition they are in.

Animals often come to the Shelter because they are strays and have been abandoned by people who should have cared for them.  Many of these animals have medical problems.  In 2015, Sammie's Friends paid for medical care for more than 3,500 animals, spending more than $345,000 for their care.  With your continuing donations, we can help even more animals in the future.

Who are Sammie's Friends?  Sammie's Friends include all of you who contribute your time, effort, money, ideas, enthusiasm and most of all, your compassion for the animals. Sammie's Friends would not exist without you.  You are Sammie's Friends.  

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