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"IT TAKES A VILLAGE" - We are the village

August 2022

"IT TAKES A VILLAGE" - We are the village"

As you may have read in the Union; Sammie's Friends has many kittens and cats for adoption. Every year we receive 400+ kittens and at least as many adult cats. Caring for them and finding homes for all of them is of the utmost importance. We have a fun event, for those of you who love cats, coming up on Sunday night, August 21 at the Onyx Downtown at the Nevada Theater, 401 Broad Street,Nevada City. Come and join Sammie's Friends at 6:30 Sunday night to view the CAT VIDEO FEST 2022. We thank Celine Negrete, General Manager of the Onyx Theatre for putting together this fund raiser for the wonderful cats of SAMMIE'S FRIENDS. Some of our kitties will be in the lobby at 6:30 for you to meet and hopefully adopt. At 7:00 we will have drawings for some great door prizes. I (Cheryl Wicks). will give a short talk on Sammie's Friends).And then we have the Cat Video Fest for your enjoyment. 10% of the ticket sales and 20% of the concession sales will go to Sammie's Friends cats.

A big thanks to Celine for making this happen to benefit our precious kitties and create some fun for our community. Don't miss the fun. Hope to see
you at the Onyx Downtown at the Nevada Theater.

We can't forget our doggies. Gold Rush Subaru and Incredible Pets have come together to offer some adoption incentives for harder to adopt dogs. Very
soon you will see on our website and Facebook page that if you adopt a "designated" dog from Sammie's Friends you will receive a gift certificate for $100, redeemable at Incredible Pets for dog food for your new best friend. Sometimes we have animals that do not get adopted quickly and so we are offering this boost to help them get adopted. The dogs on our "Lonely Hearts" list (this is a list for animals who stay with us longer than 60 days) are often a bit older or it seems black dogs are harder to get adopted. The truth is that ultimately these dogs end up in the very best homes. It almost seems like they were waiting for someone in particular. There doesn't seem to be any real reason why some dogs stay longer. Once upon a time we had two very similar dogs, a brother and a sister, black and white pitbulls. A man came in and said he had a dream that he was going to adopt a black and white pitbull named Karma.

I said "We have that dog." Away went Karma in a short period of time. Her brother Spike who was just as nice was with us for a long time. If the man had dreamed of a dog named Spike, he most likely would have gone sooner and Karma would have stayed longer. That's about how much sense we can make out of who goes quickly and who stays for awhile.

What we do know for a certainty is that every one of our great animals deserves a loving home with good care and lots of love. Come help these wonderful animals get that great home.

I chose to write a little bit different article this time to let the community know how much local businesses help us out. This community is so generous not only to Sammie's Friends but to many other local non-profits supporting many worthwhile causes. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about the generosity of this community. We could never do what we do without your help. Together we make an incredible difference for the animals. Since our efforts began more than 20 years ago the euthanasia rate has gone from 68% to less than 1%. We (all of us together) have saved the lives of 35,000 animals.

"It takes a village" and the village is here. Big thanks to everyone involved!

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