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All Sammie's Friends dogs have been spayed/neutered, microchipped and are current on vaccines.

Out of State Transportation for Sammie's Friends Animals

Some of you may not know that we have Sammie's Friends animals all over the U.S. (West Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Montana, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah and Arizona) and we even have two in Canada and one in Mexico.  If you see an animal that you like and want to adopt we will work with you by phone to determine that you and the pet are a good match.  We have sent animals by plane, private and commercial, transport services, individual volunteers have driven animals to new places.  Our very own Co-Founder, Curt has driven two dogs to Canada and one cat to Oregon.  This mostly applies to adult cats and dogs.  We have also placed three horses on Sanctuaries out of state.

  • Arnold  

    Adult  -  Male

    Arnold is a staff favorite with a shining personality and expressive face. Arnold loves his stuffed toys so much he often brings them on his walks. When he gets excited in the mornings, he runs around in circles howling. He's also spoiled rotten-- he loves being hand fed and snuggled and kissed!Arnold is easygoing and gentle with his people, and wants to be the center of your world. He's such a special boy, it's easy to give him that! Arnold is vaccinated, house trained, and microchipped. Come by and see what an amazing dog he is.

  • Bernie  

    Adult  -  Male

    Hello -  My name's Bernie.   I am about four years old and kind of a rolly polly pitbull.  I'm a lot of fun and have a big fan club, including the rescue where I was raised, the staff and volunteers at Sammie's Friends and even the Animal Control Officers are on my fan club list.


    I do have a past, however, that I need to fully disclose and hope that you will love me anyway, as my fan club does.  Here goes I was raised at a rescue and got along with everyone, the other dogs, chickens and other farm animals.  I swam in a pond for hours and life was good.   Then I got adopted by a fairly irresponsible person who taught me nothing and let me run wild.  I got into trouble.  On one of my escapades I attacked another dog.  That dog was injured (not too severely) and had to go to the vet.  I shouldn't have done that.   Animal Control came to my rescue and brought me to the shelter where I could get the education and love and care that I needed.  Here's the rap - When you attack another dog you get the label "Potentially Dangerous Dog".   For three years my owner has to meet certain requirements.  It's not as onerous as it sounds.  Don't let this scare you off.   When you come to the shelter to meet me ask a staff member for full details on what is required. 


    While I was once good with other dogs, I am not these days.  There is one very mild mannered dog that I have been O.K. with.  I am very loving to humans and would make someone a great companion.   I am not a high energy dog and do not require a huge amount of exercise.   I'm looking for a not high energy person, who is dog savvy and wants a pal to love and watch TV with. 


    I am neutered, micro-chipped, UTD on shots.  Come meet me and give me a try.   I know, and so does my fan club, that the right person has to come along that will see that my winning qualities outweigh my past problems.


    Love you all,   



  • Carlos  

    Adult  -  Male


  • Cheech  

    Adult  -  Male


  • Chong  

    Adult  -  Male


  • Diggy Man  

    Adult  -  Male


  • Sadie

    Adult  -  Female


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These dogs do NOT belong to Sammie's Friends,

but are all in need of new forever homes.

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